Jewellery Valuations

Ajay Jewellers provides a private and confidential Jewellery Appraisal service. Our staff have years of experience in the Asian Jewellery trade. This allows us to provide you with a professional valuation service. We specialise in Valuing Asian Gold Jewellery from 22ct to 24ct jewellery.

It is important to periodically revalue your jewellery so that you have a clear and more up to date value of your items both for the benefit of yourself but also when deciding on the level of insurance cover you need. In addition Jewellery Valuations act as a consolidation document outlining what articles of Jewellery you valued at a particle time. 

Valuation Certificates are important for

  • Insurance Purposes
  • When placing your Jewellery in a deposit box at a safety deposit centre
  • For your own information
  • During legal disputes

If you require a Jewellery Valuation or wish to find out the current value of your jewellery please contact us at

Ajay Jewellers Ltd, 22 Caldmore Green, Walsall, WS1 3RN
or Call us on 01922635050