Jewellery Quotation for Insuance

Sometime without warning the worse can happen and your house is broken into and your possessions stolen. This may include your Asian Jewellery.

With years of experience in the Jewellery trade, we know how important it is to have a Jewellery Quotation made for an insurance.

There are a number of benefits:

  • The Quotation will allow a quicker insurance process as every item will be scheduled in an itemised manner on the Jewellery Quotation
  • It will allow you to gain more information about the current value of the Asian Jewellery items you have lost
  • By being more informed, the Jewellery Quotation, will allow you to accurately negotiate with your insurance company.

If you wish us to make a quotation for you, please gather together as much information about your stolen Jewellery, such as receipts, photos, previous Jewellery Valuations, etc. and bring them to our store.